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Some people say it takes years to design your life with total freedom.  That living your dreams, playing full out, and gaining respect in business requires long days and nights – and involves more work than it’s worth.

We’re here to change that.

Total Freedom is an elegant solution that uses practical application and modern technology so you can experience a happier, healthier, richer life through 1-hour morning rituals that unleash your fullest potential.

We live to express ourselves authentically.  We have purpose, a bold vision, and a clear destination.  We believe making money should be in alignment with core values because we’re entrepreneurs who create opportunity at the intersection of Art and Commerce.

That’s what makes us different.

This program is crafted to inspire greater awareness, life balance, and the way you make money.  And now you can have it all faster than you ever thought possible…

Because this is true empowerment.

A blueprint for total freedom.

Our Credo

When you stand for ideas, companies, and products that empower people to live happier, healthier, richer lives…and when you’re ambitiously determined to unleash the full power of humanity and move your industry forward…then the right people and circumstances align for your future. We invite you to join us as we bring mentors and programs into your world that inspire greater fulfillment in business, relationships, health, and wealth – all by simply waking up and spending the first hour of your day here. Let’s wake up and live awesome.


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